Tomorrow PR

BACKGROUND: Tomorrow PR is a new PR consultancy specialising in design and architecture clients. While Tomorrow had a visual identity it needed to be translated into a clean and functional website. In additional to the usual company profile and contact information, a client portfolio and blog were required with a dynamic home page and social sharing options. The website also needed to be ready to launch very, very quickly!

SOLUTION: A custom theme was created for Tomorrow that layered images and a cut through of the company logo to create a unique and stunning design suitable for a PR agency working with famous names of the design and media world. 6 different layouts were developed to accommodate PCs, tablets and smart phones in different orientations to ensure content was optimised but crucially so that the vertical cut through logo remained visible at all times.

SERVICES: Hosting, web design, WordPress theme development, content editing, browser testing, initial on-site SEO, and company email setup & signatures.

I commissioned Cockahoop Digital to design and build a website for my PR Company – I had no clear idea of what I wanted and I also didn’t really understand what options were available to me.

Chris was great at explaining to me the various design and technical solutions available, in a way that I could easily understand, so I could confidently make informed decisions about the execution of my website design. Chris was a creative partner throughout the process suggesting design elements to complement my visual identity.

Chris worked quickly and was always responsive to any questions I had about the design process. The final result is a clean and slick design that utilises my graphic identity in a fresh and modern way.

Neil Byrne | Tomorrow PR Founder

Founder & Director
Tomorrow PR, London.

Tomorrow PR website screenshot