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Local SEO NAP citations

Getting your office/shop/business up the local search results in Google can take a bit of work. First off you want to be properly registered on Google My Business. But after that, then what? Surprisingly, many people miss the great opportunities available to them. Google wants to see that you are a genuine business and looks … Continue reading Local SEO NAP citations

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Pantone vs CMYK vs RGB

While doing some work for a client recently, I needed to get a mobile phone SIM card design made up which required Pantone colour references. I don’t use much print these days, but having started my marketing career with direct mail, I remembered that the different colour systems were a bit confusing at first. So … Continue reading Pantone vs CMYK vs RGB

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WooCommerce change search text

If you need to change search form default/placeholder text on a WooCommerce theme then there are a couple of ways to do it. It’s well documented by WooThemes at The easiest way to change search text or markup is to have a custom template called product-searchform.php, which WooCommerce will automatically look for and use … Continue reading WooCommerce change search text