Cockahoop digital has aimed for a site that is accessible and usable for all. The site is still evolving so if you have feedback then please send a message.

The site is logically organised to enable a range of screen readers, browsers and devices to easily access the content. All links are written to make sense out of context and have a TITLE attribute. All links to external site will open in a new window and this is specified in the link TITLE attribute. All images have ALT attribute text description as appropriate. Navigation is consistent throughout the website with a skip to content link. Page titles, visible in the title bar of the browser, are provided for every page as an important navigation aid. The colour combinations used conform to the WCAG 2.0 AA standard defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (and checked at ContrastA). Access keys have not been implemented following the RNIB recommendations that this can conflict with some access technologies.